What is the importance of having a business card?

You may be a person who is super in favor of business cards, but many entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, are still resistant to creating their professional cards.

And that is why we are here, in this post we will explain the importance of having a business card and how it helps to develop your business. Come with us!

Even with the world becoming more and more digital, the physical is still important, quite the contrary, it becomes increasingly necessary to integrate and connect consumers with your brand. Today, in addition to contact information, we can create business cards with QR Codes to give immediate access to your web address, include the name of your social networks and much more.

The business card is the main piece to develop your business and make a presence in the market, but unfortunately there are many people who do not take advantage of the resources that it offers. According to a survey conducted by the University of Kansas with more than 2,400 professors and staff, 60% of respondents admitted to delivering less than 10 cards per month, and only 9% distributed more than 25 cards in a single month.

To better understand and take advantage of this simple, practical and inexpensive marketing tool that business cards are, let’s talk about 4 main features and benefits of them.

Be prepared when the opportunity comes to you!

Imagine that you are at an event, or at a happy hour with friends and you meet a person who is interested in your work and wants to know more about your business. The opportunity to close a partnership, to capture a new customer is right there at your door, it would be the ideal time for you to pull out your professional business card and make a good impression. Imagine then that you don’t have a business card to give that person and you have to write down their number, email or social network on a paper, it gets boring, doesn’t it?

 Having a business card gets you ready when opportunities knock on your door and creates a professional image of you and your company.

Because first impression makes all the difference!

A well-developed business card, with an attractive layout and a whimsical finish, can have a much greater impact on your customer than social networks, for example. This simple act of handing over your business card demonstrates professionalism and seriousness with your business and this will be noticed by your customer making a first impression. That is why business cards, when well done and printed, are ideal to give your company the first good impression it needs and thus attract more and more customers and partners to your business.

Be prepared and make a good first impression.


Even in this digital age like the one we live in, business cards are still very relevant and capable of helping to develop your business. This is because we are living in a time when the exchange of experience, collaboration and partnerships are essential to develop any business. And when we talk about network, the importance of having a business card becomes extremely necessary as it will be the main piece to connect you with future customers and partners, and thus make your business grow more and more.

In a world of collaborations, always be prepared to pass on your contacts.

Practicality with low cost.

Whatever your business model, size or budget, you can and should make business cards. The price of producing and printing business cards is usually very affordable due to their popularity, so it has a low cost that can be easily fitted to any business budget.

Ensure practicality to develop your business with business cards.
What are you waiting for to do or redo your business card soon?

If you need a helping hand, we are experts in good design and print quality.

It is important to note that this effectiveness and professional image that business cards can cause, are achieved through a well-made and attractive layout and design, as well as the print quality of these cards. So, when making or remaking your business card, find a good printer to develop the art of your card and print with maximum quality.

Discover our printing solutions for your business.

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