What is Content Marketing and how does it help my business?

What is content marketing

When a company is going to dedicate itself to creating Digital Marketing strategies, it is faced with this topic so high that it is Content Marketing. Let’s go and we’ll explain all about it and how it helps your company grow in digital.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing relevant content (such as articles, videos, ebooks, and social media posts) without explicitly promoting the brand. With Content Marketing, the company helps its target audience to solve their problems and becomes an authority on the subject.

The idea behind Content Marketing is to inform and help people to make them not only respect your brand and have it as a reference in the future, but also become customers of your company at some point.

The term Content Marketing is very new in the market, but its applications already happened even before the digital environment.

In 1895, John Deere, a leading company in the agricultural machinery segment, published the first issue of “The Furrow” magazine. The publication is still in circulation today and is focused on issues related to agriculture.
With this magazine, John Deere was bold, and chose to share content with the public interested in agriculture instead of simply creating ads “pushing” the products that are manufactured by the company.

Basically Content Marketing is not talking about what your company does, but what your customers need and helping them solve a problem through relevant content. Content Marketing is not cold at all, on the contrary, it cares about its customer’s needs and helping them! It is much more subtle because it does not push a product/service to the public, instead it informs and helps, always having your product in the background, in case the person is interested in buying. First you help the audience, attract them, create connection and then offer your solutions.

Thus, with valuable content that helps its audience in a certain area, the brand will create connections, relevance and becoming an authority in its segment.

Nowadays, the public is much more attentive to advertising, much more engaged with what is behind it. That’s why empty advertisements are not having so much traction. Today you need to go further and create relevant connections with your potential audience, and the best way to do that is with Content Marketing.

How does Content Marketing help my business grow?

Digital Marketing is no longer a market trend to become an indispensable investment for all companies. Anyone who wants to remain relevant to their customers today needs to have online visibility and produce relevant content to communicate and add to the daily life of their community.

Therefore, the point today is no longer the need to be on the internet, but how to put yourself on it to gain the public’s attention and stand out among the competition, which is already there.
For this, you need to adopt the best and most modern customer acquisition strategies, such as Content Marketing, which is used and recommended by the world’s leading experts.

As we said above, valuable content focused on the interest of your target audience attracts them to your brand channels and when you help them, it makes it easier to create connections and relevance with this audience, in addition to authority, of course. With people taking an interest in, following, and engaging with your brand, it becomes easier to sell to them. Not only that, but it greatly increases the chances of talking about you and referring you, greatly increasing your customer network. And by increasing your customers, your brand expands more and more.

Do you understand the power that Content Marketing has to help not only your customers but also your company to reach new levels?
We hope to have helped you with this matter.

Let’s create valuable content in the online and offline environment to impact your audience everywhere?

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