What is a responsive website and how important is it to have one?

Many people do not know the technical terms of the web and are not very connected to its features, so in this post we will explain in detail what responsiveness is and then reinforce why it is so necessary today. Come on!

To start, we want to know if you know the term mobile and desktop. If you don’t know, mobile is the term given when we access the internet through mobile devices. Desktop refers to access to the internet through computers. Now let’s get down to business.

A responsive website, also called a flexible website, is a website designed to adapt its entire layout, fonts, images, icons and links to the various screen sizes that exist in addition to the computer, such as tablets and smartphones for example.

Have you ever entered a website through your cell phone that presented itself with a small layout, forcing you to zoom in to identify its information? This is a great example of a non-responsive site. In addition to not having a good reading of the information, it is unusual because we are unable to click and navigate in a practical and comfortable way.

The main objective of a responsive website is to offer the user a good navigation through the organization and structure of their website, making it easier for them to find and access what they need. In summary, a responsive website is designed to be adaptable to any type of screen size, making it usual and practical for any type of device.

Internet browsing goes far beyond the computer.

Accessing the web by computer alone is a thing of the last century. Today with advances in technology, we have more and more integrated devices, such as bracelets, watches, artificial intelligence, TV’s and refrigerators that are connected all the time! We don’t have any more difficulties in accessing the internet, just take the cell phone or with a voice command, and that’s it, we’re already browsing. So with so many devices being created to access the internet, it is important that your website is adaptable to offer the customer the best experience on your portal.

Why does my website have to be responsive?
Since we talk about experience, this is the main reason for having a responsive website. See, the first experience that the user will have with your brand is through your website, he will be exploring and will come to know more about you, imagine how it can be his first impression of you when faced with a website difficult to view the information and difficult to navigate, it can be uncomfortable, Don’t  you agree?

Another reason is what we have already mentioned above, surfing the internet now using mobile devices is the most usual, and the trend is to grow, in addition to increasingly creating devices with different screen sizes for accessing the web.

If you are still behind on the importance of this, know that the number of Internet access via mobile device exceeds that of computers. According to a survey conducted by StatCounter, the combined traffic of smartphones and tablets reached 51.2%, while that of desktops fell to 48.7%, this in 2016, imagine today how the number of mobile access has grown! Google and Facebook themselves have already admitted that most of their browsing is done on mobile devices.

We hope we have helped you to understand responsiveness and its importance when having a web page.




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