Using a website creator or hiring a web agency?

website creator or hiring a web agency?

Today we came to talk about an important issue that can intrigue many entrepreneurs when opening or closing an online business. There are many ways to create and publish a website on the internet, either on your own or with a web agency. And the question that many ask themselves is the following: “Should I hire a web agency to develop my brand’s website or do I create on the ready-made website platforms myself?”

To answer this question accurately and leave no doubts when creating your company’s website, it is important to analyze and be clear about the objectives of your business. And to help you find the best solution, we will explain in this post how these two options work, what each offers and how they can add to the success of a company. Come on!

First of all, do you know what a website creator is?

A website creator or builder is an online tool that allows you to create your website yourself by choosing one of the many ready-made design templates available on the platform. A website creator, such as Wix, allows you to create your website without knowledge of CSS and HTML languages ​​and coding.

Using the website builder to create your company’s website.

– Although the website builder is a low cost tool, it will take a lot of time and dedication to develop a nice website. So if you are an entrepreneur who depends on your attention for many areas of your business, this may not be the solution you are looking for. Not to mention that some platforms are simple to use, but others require knowledge of CSS and HTML yes.

– When you register with a website creator and hire a plan, the hosting will be included in the package you will pay. However, as this hosting is from the website’s creative platform, if you want to change tools / creative company you will have to start all over again.

– With a platform that makes a precast website you can change a design template to adapt the website your way, however it will have limited functions, that is, you will not be able to create a website as you wish, with specific functions and actions, because such a platform has in its templates limitations of actions. That is, if you want to create an e-commerce with buttons and specific and differentiated features that efficiently meets the reality of your business this option of making a website yourself on an online creator falls apart.

– The website creators offer a standard domain with a simple website structure and organization, which generates a bad position in the search engine ranking. So you want your customers to find you easily on Google, this tool will not help you with that.

– As it is a tool that offers you pre-created website templates, its design and structure are standard, which can convey an image of a simple and amateur website, this is very important because it is the first impression that the consumer has of your company, and not showing a professional image can be bad for business.

Why hire a web agency to develop my website?

Having a web agency with specialized professionals and years of experience in the market can take your brand to another level, especially when we talk about an online business or even have a digital presence.

First, when you use a good web agency to develop your website, they will be able to accurately identify what you need and from there build a professional, efficient, solid and fully functional digital business that perfectly meets your company’s needs.

The second point is that you will be paying specialized professionals to develop the best site for you, with the best quality, without limitations, without difficulty and within the time frame that you need. This way you can focus and pay attention to the other processes that your company needs from you and thus improve and optimize your business so that it grows more and more! In other words, you have time to focus on other important areas of your brand and ensure quality and professionalism on your website.

Third and not least, in addition to having a good online solution, with a professional and functional website, a web agency will work hard so that your website is well ranked in search engines and when a customer searches for something related to you and your niche of market, you will be among the first of the list, generating more views on your site and consequently more sales!

So should everyone hire a web agency?

To answer that question, let’s be straightforward:
Is your business professional? So your website has to be too! It doesn’t matter if it started now, if it doesn’t sell online, if it’s something simple, your brand must have the best and show that best on the busiest avenue in the world, which is the internet.

Many people close the option of hiring web specialists for their website because they keep in mind that it is an expensive service, and sometimes they do not even allow themselves to budget the values ​​with an agency that can perfectly have simple plans that serve it and that the cost is not high.

Pre-created sites are simple and may not bring the result you want for your business. That is why having an agency that guarantees quality in all processes, from planning to the creation and effectiveness of a website, can contribute immensely to the success and future of your business.

If you still have doubts about what is best for your company and want to know more about how an agency can help you grow on the internet, click here and access our content that explains exactly that.

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