The power of banners and stickers for a business.

the power of banners

You probably already know that our brain processes visual information much faster than textual information, which is precisely why graphic materials are essential for a company’s offline marketing. 

Communication is something very important these days, both in personal and commercial relationships. There are several ways to publicize a company, some traditional marketing options are still very efficient and provide many advantages for your business, as is the case with Banners and Stickers. 

Companies that seek to combine visibility and low cost always opt for banners and stickers. But why? 

Banners and stickers, seen as traditional elements in visual communication, are responsible for drawing attention and delivering a persuasive message in ads through relatively simple and effective material when well executed. 

When walking through the commerce it is almost difficult not to find a company that does not use banners and stickers to highlight their products or services, isn’t it? 

And we’re not just talking about sales in stores, many events and fairs also take advantage of it to signal and publicize their brand and product. Banners and stickers have been used for decades and bring strengths in visual communication. When well thought out, they impact the customer right from the first impression and allow the brand to be visible in a simple and effective way, with great sales potential. 

We can say that the banner and the sticker are important allies for your company and that they will provide greater versatility in the dissemination of products, services, promotions and also reinforce the visual identity, making your brand constantly seen and remembered. 

The types of banners and stickers most used today are:  

-Indoor banner 

-Outdoor Banner 

-Banner Stands 

-Window Graphics 

-Car Wrap 

-Car Lettering 

-Adhesive Vinyl 

The main purpose of these materials is to communicate clearly and directly. That is why it is necessary to pay extra attention to defining the exposed content that will take the message to countless people and will have a great impact on their marketing needs. In other words, it is necessary to have strategies previously outlined. What do you search for? Flag your brand and the solution it offers? Highlight promotions and offers? Your means of contact? 

Regardless of the answer, the good news is that this material allows creativity to be applied in different ways and can even be used to integrate online media (websites, social networks, online menus, etc.) Print communication can go hand in hand with digital, perfectly meeting the requirements of the target audience, as well as the goals proposed for each channel. 

If your sales marketing strategy does not yet have this type of material, we will present you with a few more reasons for you to change your mind: 


– Brand exposure 


-Low cost 

-Durable and resistant 

For all these reasons mentioned above we have a quick and simple explanation: Depending on the banner chosen, you can take it and mount it wherever you want to promote your business in a simple and practical way. With Car Wrap, you draw attention and highlight your brand wherever you go! 

Having effective and visually pleasing (attractive) communication makes your company stand out wherever it is, arousing people’s interest, leaving an image of a reliable and professional company, in addition to giving more visibility to your brand. Don’t waste time and include these materials in your company’s publicity. 

How do I get good banner and sticker graphics? 

First, find a company that does a good design and has high print quality. 

Before closing with a graphic, look for materials that are already made, evaluate the texture of the material, if it is resistant, and if the colors were well applied to it, they are not smudged or stained. Take the opportunity to check if the design has a good aesthetic, after all, you don’t want a material made with an amateur design, do you? 

To produce vivid, high-quality prints, the most modern technology on the market is used. You will find in the models in PS and PVC, materials that offer greater durability and resistance to your project. Here at Utech Print, we have all these materials and modern machines for your graphic material to be impeccable and with superior quality! 

If you want to know more about banners, stickers, signs, and other graphic materials, count on our team! We have professionals specialized in this type of communication to give more prominence and visibility to your company. 
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