The importance of having a good visual identity.

When a brand wants to improve its positioning and prominence in the market, it also needs to bet on a good visual identity. After all, this makes your company appear and be remembered by customers. 

“Is the first impression the one that stays?”: this phrase can very well be used to define how important it is to create an excellent visual plan for your company. If people don’t like what they’re seeing, they’re unlikely to do business with you. 

Even though it is an essential step in the development of a brand, many businesses still neglect their visual identity and do not give due importance to creating it. That’s why we created this article to punctuate and engage about the importance of your brand’s look.

Come on… 

After all, what is visual identity? 

The visual identity consists of a set of symbols that are constructed to represent a company, a product, or a service. Within this set are elements such as colors, shapes, and fonts, which are brought together to translate the entire concept behind a business. All of this, if well thought out and developed, helps the public to establish a quick identification of the company. 

Differentiating Brand Identity and Branding. 

As mentioned above, the visual identity encompasses the logo, colors, typography, shapes, slogan, and everything that shapes your company’s image and how it wants to show itself visually, always reflecting the brand’s concept. 

The brand is the logo. Many businesses use the logo with drawings, illustrations, or just the company name. In any case, it will be used everywhere, always in the same way or with minimal variations: on the front of the company, on employees’ uniforms, on order books, on the packaging — it will be used on everything. 

Branding, on the other hand, involves the entire process of creating a strong brand. It goes far beyond visual or graphic aspects and involves, for example, the company’s culture, the tone of voice in customer service and contact channels, the values ​​, and the purpose of the business. 

Returning to the visual identity, when it is successful, this association with the brand happens almost automatically: a combination of colors or a design other than a simple letter is enough to refer to a particular product or service. A perfect example of this is McDonald’s. Just looking at the images below will identify the brand. That’s the power of good branding! 

McDonald's back-to-school campaign in the United States. "Welcome Back to School" 

Regardless of size, every company must be concerned with its image and its identity to the public. 

This is crucial for your entire brand to develop effectively and with great results when retaining your target audience’s attention. 

The power that a good visual identity will give you is this: to record your brand in people’s minds and create quick associations, making it more remembered and consequently growing among so many competitors. 

So don’t forget to consider visual identity as a priority in your business. When the strategy is well worked out, the easier is the process of enchantment and conversion by the customers. In cases where it is scarce or underdeveloped, the reality is harsh but straightforward: no one (or almost no one) will give your business its due importance. 

Make your brand recognized easily and quickly during your customers’ purchase and decision-making moments. 

It’s like we always say: if your business wants to be seen seriously and professionally, it needs to be built in a professional way too. Starting with a professional visual identity. 

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