The end of “swipe up” in Instagram stories.

Lately, only one thing is said about instagram: the end of drag-up in stories.

Yes, instagram has decreed the end of one of its most used tools. But calm down, another tool is being tested to share a link in the app’s stories.

Like this? What is the swipe up in stories?

The “swipe up” is nothing more than a tool that Instagram had to facilitate profiles with more than 10 thousand followers to include a link in stories. This drag-up tool is also used in stories sponsored by the Facebook Ad Manager.

The problem is that this old feature of only 10,000 followers being able to share a link for free in the Instagram story has encouraged many people to buy followers, which goes against the app’s policies. It’s like Instagram doesn’t want you to give money to any company but it to grow in there. Therefore, having third party platforms/systems linked to take advantage of the network is not well regarded by Insta. Did you understand?

But why is the “swipe up” in Instagram stories gone?

Instagram said the move was to provide more interaction in stories, as the “swipe up” link at the bottom of the screen was impossible to comment on a story. Now people will be able to place the link figurine within their story as they wish, without interfering with another action on the screen.

In particular, we also believe that one of the reasons for the end of “swipe-up” is that there was a push for the use of robots in purchases of followers, as mentioned above. But none of this was disclosed by the company.

The social network announced that as of August 30, 2021 the platform would disable the “swipe up” and include a link tag instead. In other words, if you have more than 10,000 followers or a verified account, you will be able to share a link in the stories today using just the sticker.

However, there are already many people with profiles with very few followers who are receiving this update and being able to share a link in their stories with the card.

How does this new link badge update work?

Forget about dragging up, the wave of the moment is the sticker!

In addition to making it more interactive, the idea of ​​the sticker is to make the story simpler, allowing users to share links with the same tool they share music, polls and questions with, from the stickers tab.

To check if this update is released for you, update the Instagram app and follow the steps in the image below:

Instagram said it will evaluate ways to expand access to the link badge to more accounts, taking into account aspects such as integrity, security and how this could impact the spread of misinformation and spam. This transition period will help the network set the parameters for adding more accounts to this update.

So, tell us, did this update come to you?

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