The benefits of advertising on Google ADS.

google ads

You may have already seen ads from other brands with vertical or horizontal columns related to your interest or something you’re looking for on some website you visited, right? Or when you searched for something on google, a sponsored website appeared at the top of the search, as in the image below.

These two examples we mentioned above are the most common and just a few of the many ways to advertise on Google. There are people who may find these ads boring, but we have to agree that sometimes they make our search much easier, for example: When you are looking for a product to buy and see an ad for it in another store with a lower price, or better installment conditions.

Now imagine that your competitor is using these Google ads to gain visibility and draw more and more audiences to his business. Is your brand positioned to achieve that visibility and digital presence? Or is just your competitor being seen? Follow us in this post that we will better unravel the benefits of advertising on google.

But what is Google ADS anyway?
Before we start to delve into the wonders that Google ADS can do for the success of your online business, let’s explain to anyone who doesn’t know what it is.

Google Adwords, or better known as Google ADS, is an online advertising tool that displays ads in the form of sponsored links as soon as a person performs a search, basing their results on the keywords used at the time of the search. It is the tool that allows you to create ads like the one we mentioned at the beginning of this post and many others that we encounter in our day to day.

If you suspect the efficiency of this tool, check out:
The Google platform, despite the emergence of several others in the market such as Facebook ADS, still leads the world ranking of revenue from online advertising, with an incredible $ 134 billion dollars only in 2019 based on data from Statista .

This information demonstrates the power of this tool and how much companies around the world trust digital advertising using the Google platform. Since its launch, AdWords revenue has grown steadily, year after year, and the trend is only increasing.

But what are the benefits I get from advertising on Google?
The big advantage is that you have no surprises with extra expenses, you only pay for the click on your ads, that is, each time a person clicks on your ad, you will pay a fee for that click. In addition other advantages are:

-You can reinforce your other digital marketing actions;
-Increases the reach and visibility of the brand;
-Influences your audience to purchase your service / product;
– Greater findability of your audience with your business;
-Flexibility to test different strategies all the time;
-Measure the results of the ads.

Google ADS campaigns and ads are very useful and can make all the difference for the expansion of your business. After all, when we search for a specific product or service, Google is our first source of research.

Therefore, to start advertising on Google ADS it is important that you have a digital marketing team that understands and masters google’s evaluation criteria, as it is not enough to have a huge budget, you need to have a relevant ad along with a good investment to obtain advantage in the ranking and thus have enough clicks and results by the Google Ads tool.

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