Should I or should I not invest in printed material?

printed material

Currently, it is common for people to wonder why to invest in printed material if the world is increasingly digital.
After all, the last few years were marked by the huge expansion of internet companies and their strong investments in digital marketing.
Investing in printed material is still a smart strategy for many businesses. Come with us and we will explain this better.

What is an advertising and printed material?
Print or offline advertising is intended to inform and attract the attention of a company’s target audience through printed or graphic materials, which are texts written on physical materials of various sizes and shapes to fulfill the purpose of the disclosure to draw attention and pass information to the public. These printed materials can be flyers, folders, car stickers, business cards, posters, signs, and so on.

In fact, people are spending more time on the internet, but that doesn’t exclude the importance and influence that the offline world can provide for your company. Imagine that a person saw your ad on social media and soon after leaving the house, they came across your company’s car and your products or saw a banner, flyer, something that reminds them again of your brand/ product.

What we’re trying to say here is that the world is not entirely online, and your brand must be also physically present in your consumers’ lives with print promotions. Digital material does not exclude the importance of printed material, but it helps to integrate and optimize so that your company can be seen both online and offline. This is a great branding strategy so that your brand is seen and consequently remembered by your audience in all environments.

If that still wasn’t enough to convince you that your company should invest in printed material, let’s list 4 benefits of print advertising for a business:

1) Pass more trust to the customer.
Printed materials convey trust and credibility to its target audience, showing that the company is organized and concerned with the customer and with its image in the market. This conveys an idea of a professional, well-managed, and trustworthy company, which is essential when choosing a purchase.

2) Ensures more visibility and versatility.
Investing in printed materials greatly increases your brand’s chances of having more visibility with signs, posters, stickering of windows, cars, banners, flyers, and so on. In addition to providing visibility, printed materials are very versatile because they are tangible and portable. Imagine being at an event networking with people who are important to your business and when it comes to exchanging contacts you need to take note because you don’t have a business card. Printouts are practical and essential for many actions to grow your company. Have them as allies.

3) Value and formalize your brand, product, and service information.
Imagine increasing your sales simply by formalizing your products and promotions in printed material such as a flyer. It is proven that good design values the product/service creating desire in the consumer, therefore, gracefully show the best of your company to the public with excellent designs through graphic materials. Not to mention that prints are great for promotional and customer loyalty content such as discount coupons, reward cards, and so on.

4) Integrates and complements online actions.
As mentioned above, the digital does not exclude the importance of the physical, on the contrary, they are integrated creating aggregating solutions for companies. After all, a company cannot be only in a single environment, the more it is seen, the more it is remembered! So the smart advertising bet is to use and integrate these two environments. An example we can cite this integration of online and offline are QR Codes in printed materials to complete a consumer experience or action. Website, social media, and email addresses to connect and draw customers closer to the brand, enter other numerous strategies that complement both environments.

Don’t limit your brand only to the virtual world, give it the presence it needs in the physical world as well and attract more and more customers using integration strategies so that it is always seen everywhere.

Whether it’s a beautiful, flashy, and elegant sign, promotional cards, stickers for the store or car, and even personalized t-shirts, we have the best solutions and graphic quality in Massachusetts so that your business has the attention and visibility necessary to expand.

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