Transforming a physical business into an online one.

physical business into an online one

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many physical store owners who wished to undertake in the digital world ended up giving up on imagining the amount of costs and work involved in creating a virtual store. But now, with social distance, forcing stores to stay closed for a while, there are few alternatives left for those who still bet exclusively on face-to-face sales: turning their business into online sales.


Even with the flexibility and return of activities, we are still in a global pandemic, with restrictions and mandatory distancing and preventive measures, which ends up inhibiting the public to consume in physical stores and giving preference to purchases over the internet. Therefore, online sales are and will continue to be a priority for retailers with physical businesses.


In this post we will comment on how important an e-commerce is for the success of your business, even if you already have a physical store and want to migrate to a virtual store, or just start an online venture. Come with us.


Why should I migrate my physical store to an online store?

Physical stores can bring expenses such as rent, electricity, telephone, property tax and other expenses that end up influencing cash flow in a much more intense way that does not happen with e-commerce. Virtual stores manage to reduce these costs a little, in addition to this being a format that is growing more and more in the world.

In no way does this mean that with a virtual store you will have no expenses, no! You will have monthly expenses to have a good sales platform and professional website, but compared to a physical store, this e-commerce expense is much lower.

So when creating an online store, it will be present on the largest and busiest avenue in the world, it may have a lower expense than a physical store and with an immensely greater visibility and reach! Check out other benefits of having an online store:

  • Service 24 hours a day;
  • Shows more information and product details;
  • Less spent and less bureaucratic than a physical space;
  • Possibility to access and manage this store from anywhere in the world;
  • Your store with global reach!


Consumer habits have changed a lot in the last few years, they are consuming in different ways, and it is up to you to have diversity and be in various ways and places to find you.

Want to know how to take your physical store to the virtual world? Keep customers and impact new consumers with e-commerce? Take a look at our tips:

  •  Analyze your business and make a plan;
  •  Structure and organize online sales processes;
  • Have a professional e-commerce;
  • Invest in Digital Marketing and Social Networks to increase reach;
  • Multi-channel sales.


Having an e-commerce is the dream of many entrepreneurs who see in the virtual world a way to increase their profits and further expand their business. However, for a venture to be successful, good planning is necessary, and in e-commerce this is no different, it is even more important! Everything needs to be placed on the tip of the pencil, what are the costs, forms of payment, form of delivery, among other details necessary when opening a virtual store. So when deciding to open an e-commerce, be sure to make a business plan, guiding all the resources and actions of your store and especially, look for a qualified team of web and digital marketing to help you enter this market.


If your brand is not on the internet, it practically does not exist.
Transform your store to be present in the largest avenue in the world!


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