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If you are a frequent user of this communication application, come with us and we will inform the public of its latest updates and what they are developing to implement in the future.

The news that we are going to bring here are news that the WABetaInfot blog, specializing in news on development, testing and news from WhatsApp, caught on the app in recent months. Come check …

We list below the most recent news that are already available for the latest version of the app on Android and IOS systems. However, it may be that some of these features are still being added gradually, so if there are any that have not yet appeared for you, wait for them to be released soon.

– Animated Stickers.
In early July, whatsapp released the option to send animated stickers, as if they were gifs in a sticker format, and they are even being called gif stickers. Telegram, already had this option of animated stickers, so whatsapp not to be outdone implemented this feature for its users.

– Restriction on the size of the Stickers.
It was noticed with the use of the stickers that some were very large, overloading the cell phone and the app, so WhatsApp limited the size of the stickers that move, which can now be up to 1 MB in size.

When the user tries to send a sticker larger than allowed, the application displays a pop-up warning with the following message: “This sticker is too big and, therefore, it is not possible to send it.”

Stickers that are too large and send stickers that move afterwards can result in the forced closing and crash of the application, so the restriction on the size of the stickers.

-New emojis added.
138 new and inclusive emojis gain space in the new application update. In them you will find emoji of new professions, visually impaired, wheelchair users and much more. Check the image below:

-QR Code to add number of companies and friends.
Typing each phone number is a thing of the past! With the new whatsapp update you can scan the QR code of anyone’s number to add it to your contacts.

-Dark mode for computer.
The famous dark mode was already released for the mobile version of the app, now it is also available for versions of WhatsApp on your computer, either by the application or by a browser such as Chrome, for example. Just go to the settings, then click on themes and choose the light, or dark. ūüėČ

-Search the Internet feature.
On August 3, 2020, WhastApp published on its blog the new internet search feature that goes against the action of spreading messages and links about fake news. Through this new tool the user can search for more about that particular subject of the link on the internet, checking if it is fake or not. Check out how it will work in the image below:

According to the blog of the platform itself, the resource for internet search is released and being tested for users in Brazil, Spain, United States, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom who use the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

If you’ve updated the application and some of these features has not yet appeared to you, it may be that they are still being implemented gradually, just wait for it to arrive.

According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is working and testing some tools and resources to make life easier for its users. We list here, the ones that we find most interesting and that are under development by the app:

-Access to more than one device remotely.
Possibility to log your WhatsApp account on multiple devices. The possibility of accessing 4 devices is being tested. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working to create a UI to manage all linked / connected devices under a given account.

-Expired messages.
How wonderful would it be if you were able to send a message and after a certain time it disappears from the conversation. The platform is studying this option.

-Silent always.
Who has never joined a group that you could not leave and used silent for 1 year? Whatsapp is always thinking about the usability of its audience and is seeing the possibility of including in the list of silence the option “always”.

Remembering that these last 3 topics we talked about are not available, they are being developed and tested, it also does not mean that it is right for Whatsapp to launch them.

We hope you enjoyed the news.
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