Common mistakes when creating a website.

mistakes when creating a website

Are you thinking about creating a website for your business?

Creating a website is a great idea and opportunity for a company, but it can be difficult for those who are doing it for the first time. It is important to follow some rules, which, although simple, can go unnoticed by those who are starting on the internet.

Creating a professional website involves a series of elements, tools and strategies that need to be thought out for the website to perform its functions effectively. In addition, a professional website must be planned, built and optimized to provide the user with the best possible experience, after all it will be the first appearance you will cause in your audience and the first consumer experience with your brand, so it has to be everything perfect to welcome you and keep you close to you.

Whether websites developed by people in the field or by amateurs, we brought the common mistakes when creating a website on both sides that can harm the formation and digital presence of a brand on the web. Come with us!

7 Common mistakes when creating a website.

– No contact

You may find it strange that a website does not have the organization’s contacts, but you may believe that it still happens. The most common thing we see is sites that keep company information hidden, making the customer go around and around looking for simple information like the phone or e-mail. This sucks for the user experience, he gets frustrated and upset for not getting the information, not being able to talk to you! So make your brand’s contact details very visible. This will greatly facilitate the relationship between brand and consumer.

– Don’t be responsive

A responsive website is one that adapts to different types of screens and device sizes. Who has never accessed a page on their cell phones and had to zoom in to be able to read the information? It is uncomfortable to access a website in this way, and all that an internet user wants is good visibility for practical navigation. Today we know that people use the internet more and more through devices other than the desktop, having a website that is not compatible with the screen of a smartphone or tablet harms the user experience, potentially losing potential customers.

– Not having a professional design

If you want to have a professional website you need to have a professional layout. Some people may not give importance to web design, but research claims that 93% of Internet users consider the visual to be a contributing factor in the purchase decision. Therefore, if your website is poorly organized, with the wrong colors and looks amateurish, it may fail to bring the return and success you expect.

A very common example on websites with poorly designed web design is using too much text and too little image, making the page complicated and tiring. The user is not there to read an article, he wants to quickly find the solution for your business, view every detail of your product or service, or see reviews from other buyers to have more confidence and credibility in what you offer. So use graphics, icons, photos and videos, everything that best illustrates your business so that it is harmonious with the entire site.

– Lack of SEO strategy

If you don’t know what SEO is, we invite you to read our post that talks about its importance for a website, just click here.

But explaining it quickly, SEO is search engine optimization that uses techniques to improve the positioning of websites in search engines. It is essential that your page appears well ranked in the results of search websites like Google and Bing, since these sites are responsible for a large part of the traffic generated on the web. A good SEO strategy will ensure that your site is well ranked in search engines and provides more visibility for your business and consequently more sales. So it is extremely important to create a website investing in your SEO strategy.

– Pop-ups

This is a very effective resource and used to draw the internet user’s attention to some information highlighted on your website or to some advertising.

Today this method has become obsolete because it creates noise in navigation, causing the person to close the pop-up to read the information they are looking for, this also becomes invasive and annoying, and may exhaust the patience of the customer. Not to mention that there are pop-up blockers that prevent information from reaching the screen in person.

So give preference to placing your website information on normal pages so that it can be seen by all users or depending on what you need, a land page can be interesting.
-Absence of social media

Another common mistake is the lack of integration of the website with social media and other digital communication platforms that a business may have.

The most popular social networks work very well with the site, so joining these tools can optimize your results and your visibility in the digital world. Place buttons directing the user to their social networks and thus get to know their brand more and more.

If you have a blog, use the sharing options on your networks so that your content is viewed by more people and can increase your number of conversions, that is, sales.

– Try to do it yourself

Nowadays with so many website creators online, it is common for businessmen to decide to make their company website on their own thinking that it will be simple, that way they end up wasting a lot of time in research, methods and in the development of a website. In addition to being exhausting, creating a website on your own may not meet your expectations for not having experience with that, aside from wasting time that you could have invested to be managing and paying more attention to other areas of your business.

A company’s website is its showcase to the world, so any mistake can be decisive for the failure of its image and presence in the digital world.

Assess your company’s needs to develop a professional website like her! And if you need help with that, we are web experts ready to assist you on this journey.

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