Managing business during COVID-19.

Managing business during COVID-19

It is not just today that the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has caused many impacts on different business models around the world. With social isolation and distance recommendations, points of sale, especially physical ones, have been facing a lot of difficulty to stay alive.

As countries are loosening up the distance rules and commerce is resuming activities, this type of face-to-face sales will be used again, but not as before. After all, we still do not have a cure for the disease and the virus is circulating around, which for many people is a great risk, which still leads many people to opt for virtual sales, which are the solution for thousands of entrepreneurs in this epidemic scenario.

Being an entrepreneur goes beyond being the owner of your own business, it means having to go for it and adapt to changes in the market so as not to be left out of trends. This requires a lot of effort and dedication from an organization, especially in 2020 that intense changes have happened.

We have separated some simple tips that you entrepreneur can use to try to minimize the negative impact and leverage your sales right now.

-Adjust production to your demands;

-Enhance your social networks for a relationship space with your client;

-Invest in online sales and delivery;

-Search for digital solutions to better serve your customer from a distance;

-Always give flexibility option;

-Show behind the scenes, how is your product / service done to pass security;

-Make sales and promotions;

– Negotiate expenses;

-Use the multitude of online tools in favor of your business;

-Make partnerships with other brands and influencers.

Many people are waiting and wanting things to go back to how they were before. But the sad news is that nothing will ever be the same as it was before, as consumer behavior has been changing intensely in this quarantine period. Of course, there will still be many people who will prefer to consume in physical stores, but without having a digital presence it will not be as remembered and seen by consumers. For you to understand better, according to the analysis of SPC 90% of people who consume in physical stores search the web beforehand about the brand or its products / services. In addition, consumers at home will have more time in front of screens and different needs for shopping and contracting services.

So it is indisputable that in order to adapt and make your business model more flexible for this very unstable moment that we are going through, the best solution is to be in some way with a digital presence and rethink your company’s actions and strategies for this pandemic reality.

“It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that best adapts to changes.” This sentence fits perfectly in that moment and reflects exactly what we want to go through in this post. Changes are necessary, everything will go better, and remember: Calm sea has never made good sailors.

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