Increase productivity with Pomodoro.

When we seek to increase productivity at work or in studies, time management is a major issue in order to achieve the goals and meet all the necessary demands.


In our previous blog we talked about the challenges of the Home Office, where we highlight the importance of organizing time for productivity in this model of work, because mainly at home it is necessary to divide the time to pay attention to each area that your life demands not to mix home chores during working hours and vice versa. It is very important to have time management to handle all your activities and thus stay productive.


However, just dividing your time for each task will not make you more productive. Many people, even organizing their time, face the great villain of productivity: procrastination! During the course of our day we are faced with several distractions, mainly working at home, and this makes it difficult to stay focused on daily activities, which leads to procrastination and we find ourselves always postponing one or the other task that we had to complete on the day.


To combat this great productivity villain and you stop procrastination for good, we will present the most well-known and effective time management technique: The Pomodoro.




What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Created in the late 1980s by the Italian Francesco Cirilo, the pomodoro technique consists of performing tasks without interruption for a predetermined period, followed by an interval.


The inspiration for the name came from the kitchen timers in the shape of a tomato (pomodoro, it is tomato in Italian) that are used to mark short times. Kitchen timers have been replaced by numerous mobile applications, most of which are free, which are already available for those who want to add the technique to their daily lives.



How to apply Pomodoro?

To apply your Pomodoro in your daily life just want and start! It only requires discipline for 25 minutes. And let’s agree that it’s not that difficult to stay focused in that time.


In practice, if you have a busy routine on a project, for example, just time 25 minutes of straight and quality work without interrupting it. The alarm clock should announce the end of the 25 minutes. Then, just take a break, whether for coffee, walking around the room or going to the bathroom. Then, return for another 25 minutes of dedication to the tasks, and so on.



So, did you find it interesting? Use the pomodoro technique to increase productivity.



This technique does not work when you are in an environment where you can be interrupted at any time. For example, working in a company that 1 different people can come to see you at any time, there is no way to demand efficiency of the technique, as you would have to pause your moments of focus, losing it many times. The idea is to have a period of continuous concentration.



Many people are successful in their demands and productivity using Pomodoro. That is why she became so well known. Get started now, there are several mobile apps available to help you. Just don’t fall for the temptation of peeking on social networks or conversations while you’re doing the pomodoro, the idea is to just get away from distractions.

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