Importance of having presence on Instagram.

Importance of having presence on Instagram

It is no secret that instagram grows more every day and that social networks have already become a new tool and essential media for brands. And within the world of digital marketing, instagram has been gaining more and more strength and being included in digital strategies. Amid so many options, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Snapchat, Instagram for companies is gaining more and more prominence.


But why?

We know that people use social media to catch up on news, share information, post photos, thoughts, ideas, their routine and their life. Not only that, but also to socialize and be close to their communities, having access to people and brand, creating connectivity.

The proximity that Instagram brings to customers is something that has attracted the attention of retailers and consumers, who seek references on Instagram. Brands that do not yet have representation on this Social Network are losing customers, as the first filter of the most attuned people is to search and follow the brand on Instagram to see the news and trends. When it happens that a brand is not yet represented in this network, it may end up losing that customer who is looking for news and brand information. Not having a digital presence and especially a presence in this much used social network can cause a brand to lose visibility and customers in the market.


Do you understand now why it is so important for a brand to have a presence on Instagram?


Instagram’s focus is on visual content, focused on photos and videos, since images provide a more immediate connection compared to text, as they are more easily understood. With this, the presence of your company on Instagram, modernizes the brand image within the market and brings you closer to your customers in a faster and more interactive way.


With Instagram you can attract faster and more targeted attention. If you want to start launching a new collection, start with posts on Instagram and then on other Social Networks.


Today there are several tools and countless possibilities for a brand to have a presence on Instagram and leverage its business. The principle of this is to create connection with your audience, to be seen and heard by him in every post you make on your networks, so focus on engagement and create bonds with your audience. This is the main step towards having a successful social network.



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