How to increase engagement on Social Networks?

How to increase engagement

Social networks are extremely necessary for each and every digital marketing strategy. However, it is not enough to just create an account on facebook and instagram and post anything from time to time. In order to have good results through social media it is necessary to have engagement and to have engagement it is necessary to adopt some strategies and actions.

If this is what you are looking for for your networks, to have more connection and interaction with your audience, come with us in this post that we will give you some cool tips.

But at first, what is engagement?

Engagement is something that goes far beyond the number of followers and likes, it has to do with involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence of the brand with its followers. It means having a relationship of trust and empathy. It is when the consumer identifies himself with your brand and the whole proposal of it, through the postings, tone of voice used in the networks and your products / services, this tends to be a long-term customer.

Engagement happens when users communicate and interact with your brand in some way on social networks. Companies that have a good engagement are those that get a lot of comments, users that mark other users because they liked the content and, in general, these brands are most remembered by internet users.

Why is it important?

Engagement on social media is very important because it will tell you if your brand is managing to speak to your audience, interact and captivate them. It means success in the relationship between companies and their customers, and many brands that are improving themselves on social networks seek to reach the so-called engagement, to consolidate themselves in the market and to have more and more voice in a channel to speak with their followers.

What’s the use of having a page with thousands of followers if none of them talks to you? If you don’t like, comments and users marking, answering your content, getting interested and interacting with you? This is the importance of engagement, not letting your brand talk to the networks alone, it is ensuring that it has proximity and interaction with users.

What can I do to improve the engagement of my social networks?

Now anyway, let’s go to some basic action and strategy tips that you can adopt to improve engagement:

  • Know your audience
    In addition to knowing the data such as age, gender and region of your audience, it is important to know what they will most like to see about your brand, product and service. Knowing your client’s behavior, taste and preferences is fundamental to direct and explore language and content on social networks.
  • Post relevant content
    Being on social media means being in an environment of relaxation, affinity and personality for users, so if you post content that is dull, lacking quality and uninteresting, it may end up generating a loss of interest in your business or page.
  • Interact with your audience
    There are many ways, actions and techniques to interact with your users on social networks. Create a question box or poll in your stories (or some other because the options are many, what matters is your creativity) ask if your customer liked the new product, create a closeness through interaction.
  • Good looking content
    The visual content has great strength in the engagement of social networks, and is much better accepted by the public, in addition to being much more beautiful and visually pleasing. After all, having a publication with beautiful art, it shows an image of a serious and professional company.
  • Constancy
    Always maintain regularity in the publications of your networks, organize and plan daily and weekly content to feed the pages. That way the customer gets used to your presence and gets closer to you.

These are just a few tips on how to increase your engagement on social media, but there are several other ways for you to achieve this as well.

Each company has its particularities and challenges, which worked for one company here, may not work for another one right there. So it’s all about trying and testing, especially when it comes to social media, which is very variable! Test a certain strategy, evaluate the results, see what worked and what didn’t work, rethink the strategy and take action again, what matters most is to always move your networks and always try to get it right.

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