How the Instagram algorithm works.

How the Instagram algorithm works

We are living and experiencing Web 3.0, which is nothing more than an intelligent web, which uses machines and data collection systems to perform more efficiently activities that depended on manual labor, becoming almost an artificial intelligence. An example that perfectly defines web 3.0 is the algorithms, which gather information and make recommendations to the user.

This intelligent search system optimized to improve the user experience is everywhere and the trend is to grow more and more.

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a product on Google and continue browsing the internet, promotions and ads appear on various websites about that product or something related to what you searched for? This happens due to the intelligence of Google’s algorithms, however it is not only he who uses this powerful tool, social networks are commanded by the algorithms.

What is the instagram algorithm?

The instagram algorithm is an automatic and artificial intelligence data collection system, responsible for interpreting the behavior and preference of each user and thus suggesting relevant and interesting posts for him.

An example is if you follow, like and comment on women’s fashion content, you will increasingly see related posts in your feed on this topic.

So we can say that a news feed is individual, that is, what appears in your instagram feed, is not the same as what will appear in mine if we have different tastes and followers. Your feef is created with content specifically for you and your interests!

Now that you have a better understanding of web 3.0 and what the algorithm is, let’s talk about how instagram’s algorithm works.

First of all we need to reinforce that the instagram algorithm has a very clear and simple objective: to make the user find what he wants most in the first place.


How the Instagram algorithm works?


Although Instagram abandoned the chronological order of posts, that doesn’t mean that temporality doesn’t matter anymore. The network takes into account that users want to see new and recent content each time they use the app.

Therefore, the posts do not appear in a chronological order anymore, but still follow a temporal logic, being one of the criteria of the algorithm.


The engagement a post receives indicates its potential to engage more people on the network. Therefore, the chance of posts with many likes and, mainly, comments, being displayed to more users is greater, mainly posts that receive a lot of engagement in the first moments of your post.


You may have noticed that posts from close friends or your favorite brands always appear as soon as you open the app, right?

This has a reason: Instagram analyzes the profiles you relate to the most to understand the relevance of the posts made to your experience.

How is this analysis done? Through the comments you make, who you look for in the app and even the posts and Stories you share with other users.


With so many profiles and commercial accounts on Instagram, which is only growing, it is necessary to have a selection of content so that the user does not feel overwhelmed with so much information. Therefore, social networks use the algorithm to benefit the user and improve their experience on the platform.

It is necessary to keep in mind that this action of the algorithm is necessary to keep people engaged in the tool, because that is the only way it will continue to exist.


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