Handling with Home Office Challenges

Home Office Challenges

Some time ago we published on our blog a post commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of the Home Office changed with the main challenges and benefits of this model of work so used recently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, teleworking brings several qualities and comfort to some workers who need, in this moment of isolation, to remain active in their jobs, after all life has not stopped and many people have had to start to reconcile home and professional life. And as we already talked about in the previous blog, this subject raises many divergent opinions of who is for and against.

Even those who love the home office can find some refugees to deal with this work format on a daily basis. Therefore, we have separated some suggestions of what to do to overcome and deal with the challenges of the home office and to improve more and more in your work.

Most common challenges of working from home:

  • Failing to separate personal and professional life;
  • Lack of discipline and focus;
  • Technological difficulties, such as slow internet;
  • Tendency of social isolation;
  • Possibility of overwork.

How to deal with these challenges:

  • Reserve a space that has privacy.
    Just like in a company where you have your living room, your desk with all the equipment and tools you need, at home you should also have a work area that accommodates your professional duties and especially that this space can offer you privacy to isolate yourself and focus when you need to make a video call or conference.
  • Organize your routine.
    Organization is always important, no matter if you are working in the office or at home, this is something that can not be missing. In addition to maintaining the organization of your routine professional tasks, it is necessary that you organize your time by stipulating a time for work and a time for your personal life. So organize your routine with time to start and finish work, leisure time, rest and time for housework. This will help you to take care of everything you need more efficiently and quickly.
  • Maintain discipline and focus.
    At home we are more vulnerable to distractions that make us lose focus of business activities, people talking, TV, cell phones, social networks, whatsapp, children, etc. Besides the fact that there is no one watching us and looking at what we are doing which can intensify our lack of focus and distractions. This can be a serious problem, because by falling into these distractions your productivity decreases and so you are unable to handle all the tasks you need. So eliminate anything that distracts you and stay focused on your goals.
  • Don’t procrastinate, use productivity techniques.
    As we said above, at home we are much more likely to be distracted and this opens a great portal for procrastination, giving a stretch during lunch hours, performing personal tasks in the middle of working hours, and of course the habit of postponing tasks that decreases productivity and causes anxiety. To prevent distractions from hurting your productivity, you can use different techniques that help you stay focused in the home office. The most famous is the Pomodoro technique.
  • Invest in your work resources.
    If you didn’t use the internet a lot before starting to work at home and therefore didn’t invest in a company that would provide a stable and quality connection, now is the time to invest in your main work tool, besides of course a computer and utensils that offer you comfort and agility to work.

If you live in a house with many people who do not respect your space or children who need your exclusive attention, Coworking can be a viable alternative for you. For those who do not know Coworking is a space where several companies and freelancers share the same environment of work and ideas, dividing general expenses and common areas. You can find Coworking in your city, which can be a much more efficient and aggregating option for you.

We hope that this content will help you to cope, overcome and improve your work method during the home office.

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