Do you know what Branding is?

what Branding is?

Entrepreneurs know that currently it is not enough to just create a company to sell more and more products, even because this does not apply to today’s public anymore.

Consumers are much more demanding than before, today they are concerned with the brand and everything that involves it, its concept, causes, ideas and truths, and not only with its products. This is already proven and is being increasingly visible, it is reinforced in the market,

For this reason, branding defends the creation of personalities for brands as a more efficient and safer form of management.

Nowadays, we know the importance of creating a good reputation online, after all this adds value to the business, which is essential for people to feel safe to consume this brand. And this is where branding acts more firmly.

– “Branding” is not the same as “Brand”!

It is common to confuse Branding with the concept of a brand because one name is derived from the other, but their meanings are very different. We can say that Brand is the essence of the company, while branding is the set of strategies to create this identity and image of the company.

– So what is Branding?

Branding goes far beyond creating a logo for your brand. Branding, or brand management, is the management of a company’s brand strategies, with the aim of making it more desired and positive in the minds of its customers and the general public. This strategy involves actions related to the purpose, values, identity and positioning of a brand.

Its main objective is to seek to format a brand idea as a human being, where the brand has its own thinking, is related in its own way, that is, to create a personality based on the needs of its customers. And if the brand succeeds in awakening sensations and creating strong connections with its audience, which becomes a relevant factor for them to choose the brand at the time of the purchase decision.

Branding consists not only of marketing actions with the purpose of increasing brand exposure in the market, but also of internal actions in the company, to convey the desired image among its employees and staff.

Branding is the work of strengthening the brand that takes place through its advertisements, collaborators, ideas, products and mainly its image (what the public thinks about this brand).


– Why is Branding so important for the success of a brand?

Have you noticed that some companies have their strong and consolidated brand in the market? And that it becomes automatically recognized and cited by society? It is precisely this construction that Branding does, this is the result of good branding being exercised for a long time. It is through this management that the highest or lowest relevance of a brand in the minds of consumers is defined.

For a brand to be fixed on the consumer’s head, it needs to speak and pass on positive concepts that speak to the reality of its target audience, in addition to many other branding strategies.

It is wrong to believe that this strategy is only for big companies, or that they built it all of a sudden. Everything is part of a complex management process that does not bring immediate results, but produces very long-lasting results.

Branding has been worked on by the largest companies in the world for some time. Who has never associated happiness with Coca-Cola, or when they read the phrase “Just do it” already knew which company subscribed to that advertisement? Or else when you went to the market you bought a product of a specific brand because you created an affinity for it through an advertisement?

That’s the power of branding! Companies of any level and in any segment that intend to continue expanding in the market need at one time or another to invest and do their branding.

“Products are made in factories, but brands are built in the mind” – Walter Landor.

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