Coronavirus as fuel for the digital world’s growth.


There is no denying that the coronavirus pandemic is changing a lot in people’s behavior and routine, and this is not the case today. Life has changed radically as we await the vaccine for the disease. We were forced to experience a “new normal”, reformulating the way we deal with the world, with others and with ourselves. It was during the quarantine period that we developed new habits, where nothing is or will be as it was before, whether you like it or not, this is the reality. Everything is changing and looking at it all with positivity and creativity will help you to enter this new digital age.

How did Covid-19 accelerate the digitization process in the world?

With social distance and people having to work from home, technology has started to develop a crucial and more necessary role than ever. Companies had to adapt to the remote work of their employees at home, schools and universities implementing the entire online classroom and assessment system, people who previously scheduled to go to a bar or cafe to talk, now start doing it inside their home for video call. It is indisputable that we are using technology resources much more today than before the pandemic. Can you notice this difference in your daily life?

We were already moving towards this more digital and technological world, with the home office and virtual meetings being more frequent, but at a slow pace. Nowadays we can say, without thinking twice, that the coronavirus was a forced push for this advance. The virtual has intensified immensely, and with that the digital acceleration will certainly be a path with no return in the lives of many people.

Modern and technological companies that previously had flexibility for the home office, adapted faster in this period of the quarantine, and today they have placed on the agenda, as a priority, the expansion of corporate digitalization to continue serving their customers online, thus keeping their employees in telework. . With that many companies realized that they can easily adapt their service to the home office, without having to spend fortunes with gigantic offices in big cities, employees without having to take a crowded subway or traffic, reduced transportation costs in addition to stress. Will this model and work flexibilities grow after 2020? We don’t know the answer, but we believe so. Of course, not all companies can do this, as they depend on manual and face-to-face services in certain tasks, however, we see a great adaptation in several areas to deliver content, meet demands and solve problems virtually, as far as possible. With this we can clearly see the importance of the web today and in the future.

In contrast to all this digital acceleration, and the intensification of the virtual world, we believe that many people will become more human, valuing more the contact, the embrace, the fraternizations, the personality and the simple things that we could do before and today we no longer have security and tranquility.

Everything we talk about here is not a prediction of the post-covid-19 future, but reflections of trends and what is already happening to guide us and be more clear as we take this path full of challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has brought us. It is very important to adapt to changes, always following the evolution and trends of society to have solid bases and keep your business firm even in the face of adversity.

May we have tranquility and creativity to follow in the best way in times of change, and that with all our digital advancement we are also more human.




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