5 Reasons why people buy on the internet.

Reasons why people buy on the internet.

More and more we can see that internet sales have gained space with millions of online stores, just look at the growth data of E-commerce. In 2018, the United States was at the top of the ranking of countries that sold the most via e-commerce, raising around 8.640 billion dollars in that year alone, according to UNCTAD data.


It is indisputable that online shopping brings several benefits, comfort and convenience to people, after all, virtual consumers have already exceeded 32 million, but many entrepreneurs do not know the reasons that their public have when buying over the internet.


In the midst of so many uncertainties in these times that we are going through, we have to find solutions to continue in the market and connect more with our potential customers. So it is very important to understand what motivates people to buy on the internet and why they would choose your brand. Read on and find out how it happens and what you can do to improve your internet business.



Reasons why people buy on the internet


-Time saving

The consumer’s routine has changed a lot in recent years, he has to do a lot more than they used to do, accumulate functions, stress, home, studies, children, a lot to solve in a short time, so we can say with all sure time is money in today’s world. Not to mention that people today are much more connected than before, so the agility she will have in buying online will be much more beneficial than traveling and wasting much more time than going to a store. However, we do not rule out that in some types of products, some consumers still prefer to try, touch, dress and look in physical stores, but this is very relative from person to person.



-More visibility and variety

In an online store you can display your products with greater visibility and enrichment of information, not to mention that you can display as many products as you want, as different from the physical store you will not have problems with space. The web provides you with different ways to show your product: be it through video, photos, information and dimensions, the richer in detail and information makes all the difference when people buy on the internet.



-Easy to compare and find the lowest price

Have you ever needed to buy a product and before going to the store did you check the internet prices? This is very common, and it is undoubtedly a procedure that many consumers do, even if they choose to buy in physical stores, they compare the prices of the internet to confirm which is the most beneficial to them. But it depends on the need and what are the criteria that the person has for such a purchase. Because an online store costs less than a physical store, we can sometimes find cheaper products on the internet. In addition to comparing prices, today there are several websites that compare products by surveying each of their characteristics to facilitate the customer’s decision regarding cost-benefit.


-Analysis of other buyers

If you have or want to have an online store, offer an analysis and evaluation system for your products or services. The lack of evaluation and analysis of the products is the main reason why people give up buying. This is because they do not feel confident in something that has no information from other buyers. If you want one person to buy you have to show that others have already bought it.


-Lower cost

As we have talked about several times here, people are looking for solutions and often give importance to solutions with lower or fairer costs. After all, who would buy an expensive TV knowing that the same TV at the competitor is half the price, the solution is the same, what changes is the price or an extra benefit that you offer. If that last option is your case, highlight your benefit!


Why will customers choose you?


-Because they know you or heard about you;

-Because they trust you;

-Because you identified with your brand proposal;

-Because you offer a good cost x benefit.



In addition to these broader topics that can be motivating to buy, each person has, often unconsciously, a checklist of criteria and taste in their head that influences the purchase decision. They are positive points that a brand can generate in its client for delivering and offering a service with factors that the client admires, identifies with and that brings the benefits that he seeks. This checklist varies from person to person.


Leaving this more relative analysis of the purchase decision, we go to what matters most: Deliver the solution that your customer needs! Find out how your product / service is able to solve your customer’s problem. In other words look for that customer’s pain and then how you can help relieve it.


Do you want to know what motivates your customers’ purchase and the solutions they seek? Roll up your sleeves and start asking questions right now, trying to understand which of these five motivators are guiding their decisions and you will know what else he gives importance and most needs.

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