Blog: Its history and importance.

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Taking advantage of the fact that yesterday, August 31, was the international blog day, we decided to make this post addressing how it can be important in a brand’s digital strategy.

Come with us!

First, what is a blog?
Blogs are websites for people and companies that constantly publish their content, such as articles and photos, always updating with a new subject. These updates, or publications, are called posts.

The history of the blog.
The idea of the blog format has existed since the beginning of the internet, in 1990 with pages known as online diaries, where people published their daily experiences, prose, poetry and readers could contribute with comments. But it was only in 1997 that the Blog appeared. That was when Jorn Bargem developed a system for people to write on the internet about everything they found interesting, giving the name of this “weblog” website. People pronounced this term differently and separately, until it was shortened to the form we know today: just “blog”

In 1999 the blog became popular, mainly in the United States. In the beginning blogs were used as personal diaries and it was in the year 2000 that companies began to realize the important role of consumers and their opinions in this new and so popular medium of communication, who wrote and sought opinions on products and services before purchasing them. It was then that companies started having their blogs too.

After 23 years, it is normal for blogs to have changed. Today, they have moved away from the “virtual diaries” trend, as social networks, in a way, fulfill this role. Now, blogs are used to produce content, from explanatory elements to news and miscellaneous information.

How can a blog help my brand grow?
Today a blog is one of the main tools for digital marketing and is almost synonymous when it comes to content marketing. Having a blog next to your company’s website is very good because:

  • Your brand gains authority when speaking and producing content that the audience reads;
  • Greater possibility of appearing at the top of search engines;
  • Consequently, it increases your sales.

If you want your audience to find your website faster and easier in search engines like google, having a blog will only give you an advantage because when combined with the SEO technique you can bring more people to your website through strategy of the keywords.

Remembering that a good strategy to have a Blog is to create useful and relevant content. It is not about producing news about what the company has done or launched. In fact, the idea is to answer questions, bring curiosities and present solutions to your audience / consumer.

We hope we helped with this content.




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