Advantages and Disadvantages of the Home Office.

Some time ago, some companies started to adapt their work model with flexibility for the Home Office. We were already moving towards this new desktop option, but at a slow pace. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to adapt to this change of environment much faster and more intensely.

Companies that already had this flexibility with their employees, managed to adapt more quickly to remote work, but companies that were closed to this option had to review their organizational structure to implement the home office or the digitalization in their flows and activities.

This emergency adoption of the remote work model will increasingly have a stronger influence on the companies’ organizational culture. This shows how much work relationships will still change, not only in terms of technology, but in the way in which activities are carried out and in how to relate to people.

In the current scenario of a global pandemic, many people still find themselves working from home office and face great challenges in their daily lives, with advantages and disadvantages of this model of work. There are people who love working from home and people who prefer to go to the company a thousand times. In fact, managing processes, projects and people remotely is not the same as doing it in person.

For this reason, we gathered the opinions of those who went through this change in the work model, and also with our experience in the home office, and brought here the main advantages and disadvantages that may exist in teleworking.


  • Saving time and money in addition to reducing stress with travel, traffic and public transport;
  • More proximity to the family;
  • Comfort and quality of life just because you are in your space;
  • Possibility to eat healthier.
  • More freedom to work and produce your way;
  • The collection gives rise to autonomy, where what is prioritized is the delivery of results and not the time worked.


  • Lack of discipline can be a problem to stay focused on work activities, after all, we don’t have a person watching our actions;
  • Not being able to share the time of personal life with the professional and end up losing focus and income in the company’s activities;
  • Technological difficulties, such as a slow internet connection problem;
  • For those who live alone, it can end up causing a tendency of social isolation;
  • Possibility of overwork.

Working from home can offer more quality of life, practicality, comfort, savings, among other countless proven benefits, but not everyone, not every situation that works so well. If you don’t have the discipline to stay away from distractions and know how to deal with the freedom of being at home, this will be a problem in your productivity. Or if you live in a house with children and people who do not respect your space and time at work, the home office can become exhausting.

Each person has a different case regarding this work organization with its own advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is to adapt to changes and face the challenges that come with it. We have a gigantic capacity for transformation and adaptation, so why not use it to our advantage to improve our daily lives?

That even with the difficulties you can improve to have a healthier and more productive routine.

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