6 Reasons to have an E-commerce.

reasons to have an e-commerce

The dream of having your own business is the goal of many people out there. And when it comes to getting a business off the ground, the first thought that comes to mind is whether it’s worth opening an online store or not. If you see youself with this issue, then this post was made for you.

It is not big news that the electronic commerce is expanding more and more. After all, with the increase in the number of devices with internet connection, consumers have made online purchases more frequently. Another factor that contributes immensely to the expansion of online shopping is that the consumer habit has changed intensely in recent years and the practicality and speed of consumer relations have changed a lot over time. That is why an online platform can make life much easier for consumers when choosing the solution to their problem.

Today, regardless of generation, many people find themselves immersed in an 100% virtual environment, whether through social networks or other online market activities.

With the digital acceleration due to social isolation, many people started to consume all kinds of items over the internet. According to Compre&Confie, the habit gained strength so expressively that it made e-commerce grow 71%, earning R $ 27.3 billion. The study compares the period from February 24th to May 24th this year with the same interval in 2019.

After all that has been said here, do you still feel uneasy when it comes down to opening an online business? Or do you see that a virtual store is worth more than a physical store? So continue reading because we have 6 more reasons for you to open an e-commerce.

1) Full time operation.
Unlike the physical world, in the digital market there are no business hours. Anyone, from anywhere in the world can access your online store at any time.

2) Greater reach.
In the digital world, physical barriers do not exist when it comes to showing off your products and services. With the virtual store, your company will reach a large number of people from anywhere and it will be seen by many people with different possibilities for sharing and publicizing your business.

3) Convenience and practicality.
Let your audience know your brand without leaving home.
As we have mentioned above, consumer behavior is changing. The hustle and bustle of your daily life calls for more practicality and convenience in your routine. With a virtual store you guarantee the convenience and practicality that the contemporary world requires.

4) Low risk.
Unlike physical businesses, any change in strategy or planning in Ecommerce is much easier to handle and manage. The entire structure of your online company is more versatile and no matter the change, your business will bear a lower risk than if you had a physical store.

5) Integration with digital marketing strategies.
An online store can be promoted to reach a larger number of people using various methods such as SEO, Adwords, social media and paid ads. Internet marketing is much easier and more effective. This is because when we talk about advertising, online campaigns have a more assertive direction and are easily managed, which helps in measuring results.

6) Track results in real time.
When entering the internet, the user leaves some tracks, and through this it is possible to unravel the path taken and understand their consumer behavior within the online world.
You’ll know when he clicked on an ad that’s yours and which pages he navigated within your website. Through these analysis, it will be easier to know which strategies are working and which ones need to be improved, thus you’ll achieve satisfactory results.

When you open a virtual store, you will be able to be seen globally, so it is essential that you have within your platform a digital marketing strategy to reach your market niche.

It is worth mentioning that this, like any other business model, needs analysis, planning and a lot of dedication. In the digital environment, the level of competition is higher and demands more actions and strategies from your brand.

So, find a good web and digital marketing team that has successful cases to show you so they can develop your brand in the best way possible on the internet. Knowing how to take advantage of this great moment of e-commerce is certainly opening doors for big businesses.

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