6 Graphic materials that generate the most impact.

graphic materials

Graphic materials are an incredibly powerful content medium to improve your company’s marketing and sales. The print was not only maintained, but also strengthened. Today, through a good visual identity, the printed material works as a booster for business expansion.

Graphic material is able to capture the public’s attention and demonstrate your brand’s positioning through the visual identity.

In this regard, printed materials are essential. A sophisticated business card, a well-designed banner and an optimized product catalog, for example, offer a tangible experience and much more personal than an email marketing, for example. And currently we can see that more personal and humanized content is getting more and more public attention.
It is precisely because we are in a fully digitized world that printed material becomes more important. It will be giving your company more visibility and prominence outside the online world, and thus you will have more chances to stand out from the competition.

After all, it’s a big mistake for your brand to have a presence in just one place. She must be in everyone!
If you’re thinking of directing all of your company’s outreach efforts to digital marketing only, think again and consider graphic materials.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business: the 6 graphic materials that generate the most impact on business.

1- Business card
When created and used correctly, business cards are extremely powerful in attracting new customers to your business. Business cards are great networking tools. Delivering this material at the right time will make your audience interested and come back to your company’s information when they need or remember you.
With a well-crafted business card, you not only inform that you are open to doing business, but also demonstrate the quality and professionalism of your brand!

2- Flyer (brochure, pamphlet)
Flyers are one of the most traditional when it comes to promoting a brand and increasing sales. Every business needs flyers to communicate customers about the goods and services it offers. Not to mention that it can be used to promote a promotion and so on.
With them, it is possible to provide more detailed information to the public for them to keep and read later, especially when they don’t have a lot of time (events or meetings).

3- Catalogs
If you have a lot of products or services in your company, just one website may not be enough for people to evaluate buying or hiring you.
Catalogs are an important tool to highlight your items and drive sales. In addition to having a higher retention rate than websites. That’s because some customers feel more comfortable browsing this material than having to access the site every time they look for something of interest.4- Stickers
Versatility and impact are hallmarks of this type of graphic material. Vehicle stickers can be used as non-aggressive marketing elements and give your brand much more visibility in your region. In addition to conveying an image of a serious, functional and very professional company. Car sticker was just one example, but there are many other types of stickers that can give more visibility and get your company’s message across.

5- Banners
Banners are more attractive materials, which aim to attract attention and allow reading at medium or long distances. This is due to their size, as they are displayed at the point of sale and can be hung on the wall or attached to an easel.
The idea is to really call the audience, instigate curiosity for something. The material can then be used to publicize promotions, a new product and even to indicate to people the place where a certain event is taking place.
It usually has little text, always in a size suitable for reading, and more images.

6- T-shirt, cap, coat.
Although it is not considered graphic material to have a team wearing caps, shirts and jackets with your company logo, it has a great impact on the offline dissemination of your business.
Investing in printed or embroidered fabrics with your visual identity strengthens your brand in people’s daily lives. After all, there is nothing more everyday than the act of wearing a T-shirt.
Custom T-shirts are very versatile and can be used as advertising pieces, uniforms, gifts and in other ways.

Pay attention and be careful with the quality of the material!
A well-defined visual identity only works when it is built with quality criteria. Not only in the design/art of the graphic material, but also the print quality of that material. Did the print have ugly flaws? Too much pigmentation? Is the object on which it was printed not of good quality? Confirm the printing quality of the printer before closing the deal. It is not feasible to let the printed material that represents a company make its audience question the quality of the product that is offered. That’s what they say: “The medium is the message!” and if you want to convey to your audience that you are a company that offers quality, your printed material must also demonstrate that.

We hope we have helped you so far and it will be a great pleasure to help you more with print promotion.

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