5 Reasons that ready sites are bad.

Website creator websites have been gaining more and more space on the internet for some time. And as a quick and inexpensive solution, some entrepreneurs believe that these ready-made website platforms are a good outlet for their business. But they are not.

As professionals and specialists in this area, we can say that ready-made or free sites are not always interesting. For amateur bloggers, or people who just want to have a simple portfolio on the web, this economical method can be useful.

For companies that want to have a website that grows with their business, ready-made websites can lead to terrible results and are not at all interesting!

But rest assured that in the course of this post we will explain in detail why a free site or ready site is not viable for your brand.

Come with us!

5 Reasons that ready sites are bad for your business.

1) Limited features and may not be free.

You may be subscribing to a below-average service that isn’t even really free. This happens a lot with platforms that announce that you are going to create your website for free, ask for your card details and after a trial period they start charging you for the service. Stay alert.

Another major problem with ready-made sites or free sites is the lack of customization options and other features that they do not offer. Some examples:

  • Limited (or none) e-commerce functionality;
  • A limit on the number of pages you can add;
  • Minimal or no SEO tools.

2) Low performance and scalability.

The most glaring problem that usually comes with free and ready sites is poor performance. Pages tend to take a long time to load, which greatly impairs the user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

This is partly due to poor hosting capabilities. That prevent your site from loading in a timely manner and dies badly sized. Bandwidth and limited storage will limit the amount of content you can reasonably publish. That is, your website will have low performance and performance, failing to attract people to your web page.

3) The domain is not personalized.

A major disadvantage of free sites is that they have the brand domain, for example: yourname.wordpress.com. This looks unprofessional, can be confusing for some visitors and is not beneficial for your own brand.

Most platforms offer custom domains as a paid add-on. However, you can usually purchase one for a similar or lower price from a domain registrar and combine it with low cost hosting for a better effect.

4) The providers can close your website.

The services of ready-made websites and free websites generally include clauses in their Terms and Conditions that allow the cancellation of your account and the removal of your website in the process for any reason. This usually happens due to non-payment or violation of deadlines.

In that case, you can lose years of work invested in your website. It is also possible that your provider, the platform that created the website, will close the doors in some other way. This can also result in your website being permanently deleted.

5) Lack of security: your information can be sold.

A free site can be less secure than similar sites hosted on paid plans. Companies are simply not going to invest in good servers that are not paying customers. In addition, free sites have a reputation for distributing malware. This is not only horrible for users, but it can also seriously damage your brand reputation.

When it comes to free services on the web in general, it is common to assume that the provider is selling your information to other companies. After all, they are not making money from you in any other way.

If you think that none of the above features are a problem for you and your business, you can make use of free websites.

But if you want a website optimized to bring results and a good performance for your company, we recommend a professional website developed with the care and attention that your brand deserves!

That’s what the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. If you’re getting a free service, you’re probably not getting a complete, high-quality service. If your brand / company is professional your website also needs to be.

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